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Hello to all the diving BRATS out there... smile

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Update July 8, 2015

Our membership has had the pleasure of supporting the Maritime Aquarium Dive program. One of the major objectives of the progam is to bring attention to the plight that has fallen upon the poulation of shark spices through out the world oceans.
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Shark Research Institute

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We are a scuba diving club dedicated to local diving at its best. The focus of our group is to get you in the water diving.

Hello to all the BRATS!

Our next Cape Ann trip will be August 20-23. Room reservations are set by each person, camping is am option, there are also many hotels in the area. Limit to 6 divers

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BRATS Facebook October 2011 meeting
Little River Cave dive
BRATS Facebook shark dive

Just a quick note to help with all boat dives....
very important address seasick issues ahead of time. You should start this at least 48 hours prior to the boat trip. Also at least 2 hours prior to boarding your boat.

We have several local dive trips planned.
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We have more local trips planned: Will email members whenever a shore dive is planned.

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Scuba diving is a budy sport. Our group helps local divers from Connecticut and New York meet up to share diving trips together. We dive locally and we organize group trips. We help people with their dive training to enhance their skills and to make the Scuba Diving experience the best for all.
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This article is on the USS San Diego. In the article it mentions the dive boat Wahoo… this is the same boat, when Captain Hank purchased the boat re renamed her the "RV Garloo".

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